In the world of Elex 2, five factions with their own ideals and goals fight for domination while Magalan is threatened by the Skyands. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the factions. Where do they live, what are their problems and who are their enemies?

The Berserkers are very close to nature and can cast powerful magic with the help of Elex. After the events of the first game, they began to green the Tavar desert again using their world hearts. The Outlaws then split up, and some joined the Berserkers. Because of this, many berserkers no longer want to live a life without technology, leading to tensions within the faction. Can the powerful mage Caja, who is now the leader of the berserkers, solve this conflict?

The Clerics are a highly technical faction, but at the same time they are also very religious. They detest consuming Elex and only use it to power machines. In Part 1, she couldn't dissuade Jax from her belief in the god Calaan, despite discovering that her belief was based on lies. Now they want to continue converting everyone to their faith because they believe that only they can save mankind.

Using Elex as a drug, the Outlaws are an Arnachist faction with little ambition. They loot weapons and valuables and are always looking for more Stims. Driven out of the region after the greening of Tavar, those who did not join the Berserkers continue their predatory lifestyle in the crater landscape of Ateris.

The Albs had split from the Clerics and consumed Elex to gain great power. However, it also made them emotionless. After the fall of the Hybrid in the first part, Separatists convinced the other Albs to curb elex consumption. Their new emotions allowed them to gain new powers and they are still striving for the next level of evolution.

The Morkons are descended from survivors of the meteorite impact who hid in tunnels. Being underground has made them cruel and they tightly controls their resources and reproduction. They use scrap metal to build weapons and aim to exterminate anyone who doesn't believe in their strict rules.

The Skyands come from space and have recently appeared in Magalan. They feed on Dark Elex and terraform the continent. They also infect humans and transform them into new Skyands. They know no morals and are almost invincible. Can the people of Magalan stand up to them?

Here's a trailer showing all five factions: