English language previews of Elex II, sorted by date.

Name Date Description
ELEX 2 May Be the Jetpack Assisted AA Game This Year [ACG] September 22nd, 2021 28 minute video preview by Youtube channel ACG
Elex 2 Is a Post-Apocalyptic Sequel Worth Exploring [Techraptor] December 6th, 2021 "Since I got access, I haven't been able to put the game down, and while the story doesn't completely steal the show for me - the side missions littered throughout the map and cities are unique and amusing. Couple that with the difficult combat that makes you rejoice taking down a big enemy, and the leveling system really rewarding you for spec'ing out a solid character - and I think this may be an RPG I'm going to drop a lot of time in."
ELEX II Hands-On Preview – Spread Your Technological Wings [Wccftech] December 6th, 2021 "ELEX II is definitely not going to raise the bar for open-world role-playing games, and it doesn't even try to. Part of its charm is in its jankiness and if the story and role-playing elements hold up, the game will definitely please all Piranha Bytes fans. Or those who were waiting for an open-world role-playing game with actual flying mechanics."
Elex 2 has solid RGP mechanics and a world worth exploring [Cogconnected] December 6th, 2021 "I appreciate that, although it is solidly in the tradition of open-world ARPGs, Elex 2 has some ambition and isn’t afraid to be a bit obtuse and difficult. If you can overlook, or even embrace, its lack of AAA-polish, Elex 2’s RPG mechanics are solid, and its world is worth exploring. Elex 2, like the first game, has a lot of character."
Elex II is a weird science fantasy RPG that doesn't care about you at all, and I respect that [Rock Paper Shotgun] December 6th, 2021 "I don't know if the cycle of failure into gradually less failure could sustain me for a whole game, especially because I found it very difficult to engage with the plot. But monkeys and typewriters be damned, I can still see why people will like Elex II."
A Sci-Fi Fantasy World Full of Jetpack-Aided Promise [The Escapist] December 6th, 2021 "Coming off The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (again), Elex II has been a breath of fresh air, both for its mash-up of science and fantasy and the jetpack-aided freedom it’s granted me. I’m sufficiently hooked that I’ll be jetting back in when it releases March 1, 2022."
Elex 2 Final Preview - Is it magic? [ACG] December 9th, 2021 10 minute video preview by Youtube channel ACG