After the impact of the meteorite in Magalan, the people have devided into four big factions, which all pursue their own goals and ideals. In this article with exclusive information from Piranha Bytes we look at the world more closely. Where are the Berserkers living? What drives the Albs and who are the Clerics?

Let's start with the Berserkers:
In the past the Berserkers had to fight many battles for their philosophy and thus they are a people of strong and relentless warriors. It's their top goal to make Magalan great green again. In their homeland in the south west of the land, in Edan, they feed new seedlings with Mana obtained from Elex and the so called world hearts grow from them. These transform even the bleakest wastelands into fruitful land.

Lush meadows show the new face of Edan.

Because the factions don't always let each other do their thing, this is a very costly and sometimes difficult undertaking. But this isn't the only thing they do with the mana, the Elex. They found a way to cast powerful magic, which fits their warlike ideology and so they offer the people of Edan a new, hopeful life amidst nature.

The ground zero, Ignadon.

The Clerics in Ignadon are living much differently though. As the ground zero of the meteorite impact it offers a very hostile environment, much different from Edan. The clerics made this exact circumstance their own and populated this place, which is laced with canyons and lava flows. Here, they are hidden and safe, because nobody else would think about creating a home between the active volcanoes - or to find one.
Because they still have collected many technological knowledge from the old time, they may are the smallest faction by numbers but the one with the most technology of the free people. As a faction concentrated on religion the Clerics believe in their god Calaan and despise the consumption of Elex because of the side effects and even mutations. Luckily, Elex can't only be used as a drug; the Clerics use it to power their machines and their technologies like plasma rifles and other weapons. Hidden in this unreal environment they hope and work for a Magalan, which rises from the ashes and will be more progresse than ever before.

The Albs, which are powerful these days, once belonged to the clerics, but one day they splitted off to be able to consume Elex regularly. This way, at the expense of emotions, they gain powerful skills and enormous strength. Today they live in the north, in the icy Xacor, which is dominated by ice and snow almost completely. In earlier days this wasn't quite as extreme, but Elex is a very cold substance on it's own and in big accumulations it let's the environment freeze. The biggest accumulation of Elex is thus located in the north, but also in the south there are isolated icy places. These can always be found where a "converter" is placed, because with them the Albs deprive the environment, objects, creatures and people of Elex, to be able to use it for themselves. Freed from emotional chains through Elex, they make it their business to conquer whole Magalan from their cold and barren mountains, because they claim all the Elex for themselves and don't shy away to sacrifice the weaker ones for this goal or to suppress or even kill everyone who stands in their way.

Here we see an icy converter in the otherwise green Edan.

From cold to heat we now come to the Outlaws, who live in Tavar in the south east.
Even if their members aren't able in the fields of complex technology or magic, they are very talented to use their Elex given freedem as their advantage. They wander through the lands, always looking for new gear or weapons. Or they steal the resources of other factions, when in doubt even in the form of people, if they lack own knowledge.
This freedom, which differentiates them from other factions, because they neither obey a god, nor fixed hierarchical structures, is their greatest good and they don't let that take away from them. They process the Elex to drugs in the form of selfmade Stims. These increase their mental and physical abilities and make life a little bit more bearable in this hard time.

The desert Tavar is the home of the Outlaws.

The ruins of the old world can be found everywhere on Magalan, especially in Abessa.

This are the four big factions and four big regions of Magalan, but this world is even bigger. In the middle of the continent we find the land Abessa. It is the melting pot of all countries. In Abessa, people of the most different origins and ideologies meet and founded new and small factions. Many ruins of the old world and spacious green meadows are characteristic for Abessa.

A great barrier in Abessa.