International Reviews of Elex. You can find our review here.

Review Rating Description
Video Review by ACG Wait for Sale "So much to like. Held back by so many issues. If you are like me and like PB's games you may like it. But for now the AI and various other littles things NEED to be patched."
Review by PC Gamer 64% "Elex’s flaws don’t really come from the bugs, but from how it falls short of its ambitions. Its world and visual design are top tier, and it’s a game with a wide scope and an eclectic vision—it's fun for the forgiving—but that ultimately leaves much of the game underdeveloped. Its RPG systems in particular, what it should rely on for a core, enjoyable gameplay loop, are lacking."
Test by The Nerd Stash 4/5 "ELEX is a diamond in the rough and is definitely worth playing. The game certainly needs some tweaks to make it stand out above the other amazing games currently being released this year, but certainly, stands among them as one of the best games of the year."
Gamespace Review 7/10 "All in all, if you’re a fan of open world exploration and complex combat, ELEX may be the game for you, though I would add the caveat that you may want to see how things improve over the coming months. There’s already a plan for a Day 1 patch (see below) that may take care of some of the game’s most glaring issues."
Test by We Got This Covered 7/10 "Ultimately, there’s a great game hidden somewhere in ELEX, but there are just too many technical missteps and niggling bugs to give a wholehearted blanket recommendation to all RPG fans out there. Nevertheless, if you don’t mind your games having a few rough edges, and aren’t desperate for every aspect of your RPG experience to be the best of the best, then ELEX may just be the diamond in the post-apocalyptic rough that you’ve been waiting for. And did I mention you get a jetpack? Jetpacks make everything better."
Gamereactor Review 6/10 "At times Elex may have had us firmly hooked with its blend of fantasy and sci-fi RPG elements, but its overall lack of polish with regards to presentation and combat ultimately holds it back from being a memorable experience. We can't fault its varied with regards to its open world, player choice, and its selection of weaponry, but its scope doesn't feel fully realised as it struggles to maintain a solid grasp of its fundamental elements."
Review by Windows Central 3/5 "Overall, Elex is a great game marred by technical issues on Xbox One. It needs more work on the console, but if you can look past the occasional problems, it's a rewarding role-playing game. Hopefully, the developers will issue an update soon which fixes the remaining grievances because the day one patch didn't do enough. It's a shame that despite having great content, it's hard to recommend because the problems are that noticeable. Piranha Bytes have a potentially great franchise here, but they need to make it work properly if they want a following."
Gamespew Test 60% "Despite my issues with the game though, my time with Elex isn’t over just yet. I do enjoy the world and the concept, so I am willing to see what else the game has to offer in this respect. It’s just unfortunate that the game’s combat and presentation haven’t received as much attention. Elex needed much more time in the oven to be the game its promising previews made it seem to be, and with the dearth of games available this winter, I can’t recommend it to anyone but the most hardcore fans of the genre."
Test by Gamerevolution 2.5/5 "Elex could well be this generation's cult favorite RPG, much like Two Worlds was mine, and the developer of Gothic and Risen has easily made its most beautiful and interesting setting yet. The world of Magalan is intriguing with its blend of technology and magic, but it's unfortunate that the game tucked inside of it is only fun to play half of the time."
IGN Review 4.9/10 "The best-case scenario for ELEX is that it’ll be worth picking up on sale a year or two from now after it’s been heavily patched to fix its rampant bugs and infuriating balance problems. It has enough good ideas that one day it might be talked about as one of those hidden RPG gems that people play and wonder why it wasn’t successful at launch. But the frothy mix of joy and frustration that ELEX presents today skews too heavily toward the latter. I wish it well, but I don’t think I’ll be calling it up for a second date."