English previews about Elex, ordered by date.

Name Date Description
Preview and Interview by RPG Codex 23th Nov 2016 "This is pretty much Gothic with Guns. And it is the game that will have to show the world that Piranha Bytes still got it. After the disappointing sequels to Risen, they have to prove that they can still work the same kind of magic that made the Gothics so great."
Interview by GamingBolt 24th Jan 2017 "It’s not easy creating a new action RPG IP, especially one in a new universe that combines science fiction with fantasy. The challenge is especially interesting for Piranha Bytes, the developer of ELEX which is better known for its work on the Gothic and Risen series. What separates ELEX from those other franchises and how does it compare to today’s standard for open world action RPG action?"
Preview by Destructoid 11th Mar 2017 "Much to my surprise, ELEX is possibly more open-ended than Zelda. You’re given total freedom to explore any area of the game. If you see a distant mountain, you can travel to it. If any of the NPC’s look at you wrong, you can kill them. If you feel like giving the middle finger to the main quest, go right ahead. The game world will compensate for that lack of quest giver and allow some other option for progression. That sounds an awful lot like Morrowind."
Preview by US Gamer 30th Mar 2017 "The Gothic and Risen games weren't always grand polished technical masterpieces, but they were enjoyable RPGs. For the time being, it looks like ELEX is heading in the right direction: a solid RPG that straddles the line between science fiction and fantasy."
Preview by Gamereactor 1st June 2017 "Starting from the beginning, we only got to talk to a few characters and swing a few weapons, and didn't get to really feel the extent of the content around us, but from what we saw we thought Elex looked very promising."
Preview by Polygon 1st June 2017 "But, to be completely frank, this feels like too much game for Piranha Bytes to pull off. It’s interesting, but my experience so far has not filled me with confidence."
Preview by SG Gaming Info 1st June 2017 "ELEX is an interesting concept, the merging of sci-fi and fantasy elements appear hit and miss, but its RPG elements appear solid and potentially the best element of the game."
Preview by Gamerevolution 14th June 2017 "It will take great skill to balance the various styles, so I'm concerned the game will favor one over the other."
Preview by Fextralife 15th June 2017 "It’s been awhile since we’ve been treated to an open world RPG that truely let you go anywhere and do anything at your own pace, and Elex may fill that void quite nicely when it releases October 17th for the PS4, Xbox One and PC."
Entertainment Buddha Preview 15th June 2017 "I’m definitely looking forward to getting my hands on it, and I encourage others to follow its path towards release, because it has potential to be a memorable gaming experience if it fulfills the aspirations of its creators."
Preview by Gamespew 16th June 2017 "There are an absurd amount of systems, variety and choice in ELEX, and coupled with its wonderfully detailed and realised world, it’s a game I’m incredibly excited to dive into."
Smashpad Preview 16th June 2017 "ELEX is shaping up to be quite a profound RPG, and it should be a title to look out for when it comes out in August."
Preview by 925Rebellion 20th June 2017 "All I know is this: The game looks amazing. So much so it’s going to be at the top of Wookiee’s “I’ll get around to it one day” list. Thus, it’s a must have."
Hardcoregamer Preview 23rd June 2017 "My initial impression from Elex is optimistic as it seems like a combination of features from respectable games combined into a new appealing package, though we all know it is unwise to judge a game before the final product is out."
RPGFan Preview 24th June 2017 "It's clear that Piranha Bytes has come a long way with their vision for ELEX."
Fanboynation Preview 28th June 2017 "Elex is shaping up to be the next big game that is going to consume many lives. With no definitive paths, endless options, and multiple factions, it’s a game that screams multiple playthroughs and hundreds of hours of entertainment. The game also features varying difficulties so players can play through for the story, or even turn it into the next Dark Souls."