The Piranha Bytes Team 2020

Here you will find the latest profiles from the developers of Piranha Bytes. The piranhas answered our questions and faced the camera to introduce themselves to you in new profiles. To get to the individual profiles and to get to know the team behind Gothic, Risen and Elex better, just click on the preview portraits!

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Jennifer Pankratz Björn Pankratz Thiemo Vetter Stefan Kalveram
Victoria Frohs Markus Kiesewetter Mario Röske Markus Kloß
Rebecca Schütze Philipp Krause
Nicolas Klug

Max Euler

Harald Iken

Quy Hoang

Marc Bongers

Kevin Gliewe
Amadeus Weidmann
Alexander Frohs

André Hotz

Elias Aboulkacem
Andreas Menkhoff
Jens Pöhlmann

Alexander Samouridis

Robert Redecki

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