The E3 took place in Los Angeles last week and a few websites have reported about Elex. We collected all the previews and other media for you in this news. Just click on the bold headlines to get to the respective preview. Update: We have updated the roundup with more previews!

Interview by GameCrate: A video interview by GamerCrate with Elex producer Michael Paeck, which contains some general information about the game as well as older gameplay.

Gamerevolution Preview: It will take great skill to balance the various styles, so I'm concerned the game will favor one over the other.

Interview from Gamertag Radio: An audio interview with producer Michael Paeck.

Preview by Fextralife: It’s been awhile since we’ve been treated to an open world RPG that truely let you go anywhere and do anything at your own pace, and Elex may fill that void quite nicely when it releases October 17th for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Entertainment Buddha Preview: I’m definitely looking forward to getting my hands on it, and I encourage others to follow its path towards release, because it has potential to be a memorable gaming experience if it fulfills the aspirations of its creators.

Preview by Gamespew: There are an absurd amount of systems, variety and choice in ELEX, and coupled with its wonderfully detailed and realised world, it’s a game I’m incredibly excited to dive into.

Smashpad Preview: ELEX is shaping up to be quite a profound RPG, and it should be a title to look out for when it comes out in August.

Preview by 925Rebellion: All I know is this: The game looks amazing. So much so it’s going to be at the top of Wookiee’s “I’ll get around to it one day” list. Thus, it’s a must have.

Hardcoregamer Preview: My initial impression from Elex is optimistic as it seems like a combination of features from respectable games combined into a new appealing package, though we all know it is unwise to judge a game before the final product is out.

RPGFan Preview: It's clear that Piranha Bytes has come a long way with their vision for ELEX.

Fanboynation Preview: Elex is shaping up to be the next big game that is going to consume many lives. With no definitive paths, endless options, and multiple factions, it’s a game that screams multiple playthroughs and hundreds of hours of entertainment. The game also features varying difficulties so players can play through for the story, or even turn it into the next Dark Souls.

Angry Joe Video: Angry Joe's thoughts on the game (starting at 42:40)