There are three more German Gamescom-Previews on Elex from PC Games Hardware, and Xbox Passion.

Alexandros Bikoulis mentions in his review for PC Games Hardware among other things the absence of loading screens in the game's world and that players will be able to kill 90% of the NPCs in Elex, if they want to.

The author of the preview by, Jennifer, comes to a positive conclusion and states, that the game seems to be quite convincing. As advantages, she names missing loading screens, the interesting skill system and the huge, open world. In her opinion, negative aspects are minor bugs in the preview-version, the controls and - to some degree - graphics, too.

Last but not least, there is Michael Pitz' preview for Xbox Passion. In his article, he mentions inter alia the respawn of opponents (only minor creatures and animals will respawn after 10 hours of playing) and the game's learning curve (will be similar to the one from Gothic). Minor negative points like the game's graphics can't prevent him to come to a positive conclusion, as they are outweighed by the heart and soul that was put into Elex.

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