Yesterday, several publications released previews and video material of Elex 2. The mostly german previews talked about the improvements the second game brings compared to the first one: As part of the new moral system, Jax' destruction value will increase when killing small animals for example. New to the game are children, who will be questgivers and will be unkillable. Regions that are lifted from the first game will be changed radically, for example Tavar will be green in Elex 2. There will be up to six factions which you can join. The combat system has been improved, and attributes will now directly influence Jax' damage instead of just being a requirement for weapons like in the first game. Late in the game it will be possible to fly for as long as you want by upgrading the new Jetpack.

In addition to these reviews, Wccftech released an interview with Piranha Bytes, where the developers talk more about the improvements and changes they make in Elex 2. They also reveal one ending of Elex 1 becomes canon in the second game, because 90% of players have chosen this ending. On Youtube, the site also posted a short gameplay video of Elex 2: