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Facts and information
Production information Source Date
• Jenny confirmed that Piranha Bytes are working on a new project!
• Work on the new project started in early 2014. (Most likely the pre-production, brainstorming part) 2015.06.18
• The new project will most likely be a DX11 one 2015.05.18
• Björn Pankratz is the Project Manager. He has also been PM for Gothic II: Night of the Raven add-on, Risen 2 (together with Mike Hoge) and Risen 3.
• Mike Hoge (PM for Gothic 1 - Risen 2) will not be involved with the new project, and neither will be Mattias Filler, Kai Rosenkranz or Ralf Marczinzik. (see current and past members of Piranha Bytes)
• There will be a different composere than Risen 3.
• The music will be darker.
• No recycled assets will be used from previous games, like Risen 3 used from Risen 2.
• The graphical design will still be stylized/a bit cartoonish, but in a darker, less colourful, more adult way.
• Extended game exploration is most probably going to be pretty early, without a tutorial zone. (Thanks, ravenheart! Missed that one) 2015.06.24
Technical information
• *SPECULATION* The project will be developed for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 2015.06.17
• The same in-house engine used by Piranha Bytes since Risen 1, updated to the present technology (i.e. DX11). 2015.06.18
Gameplay information
• The new game will have a happier/more satisfactory ending than Risen 3. 2015.05.18
• The game will be structured into chapters.
• Playing with a party of NPCs will be optional as a rule.
• Different kinds of environment, though the diversity of which remains be seen.

• The player will interact with at least on non-human species. (thanks Seven!) 2015.06.17
• Apparently there will be a big unitary landmass rather than a fragmented map. (Thanks Seven!) 2015.06.17
• The game will feature relatively small settlements, none the size of Khorinis (Gothic 2), but larger than the mage settlement in Risen 3. 2015.06.18
• There will be no ships. 2015.06.22
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• The climbing will again be scripted. 2015.04.28
• Eating and drinking animations are confirmed.
• It is hinted/a possibility that the inventory will hold different foods and beverages instead of joining them into the generic "Provisions".
• There will be swimming. (thanks Seven!) 2015.06.17
• There will be no Quick Time Events! (thanks Seven!)
• The inventory will again be unlimited. (thanks Seven!)
• More NPCs will be killable in the new project, not just quest-related kills. 2015.06.18
• There will be teachers and a crafting system which allows the player to craft more than just weapons. 2015.06.22
• There will be different factions granting special abilities and weapon skills upon joining them. 2015.06.24
• The hero will be able to sleep. 2015.06.24
• The inventory will be redesigned. 2015.06.24
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• There will be difficulty level from which the player can choose. 2015.06.16