Stefan KalveramStefan Kalveram

Occupation at Piranha Bytes: 
Game Design and Party Orga


Worked on the following games so far: 
Everything by PB

Favorite Music: 

Favorite Game(s): 
Magic the Gathering

What are your strengths? 
Let others judge that.

What are you enthusiastic about, what are your hobbies? 
Gaming in every imaginable form (board games, card games, computer games and PnP)

What do you prefer when gaming: PC or console? 
It depends on the game.

What kind of films or series do you particularly like to watch or do you watch often? 
Actually everything with a fantasy and / or SciFi background

Are you afraid that you might run out of ideas for a game at some point? 
Nope, not really

Where do you find the inspiration for your work? 
The usual. Movies, games and books. Exchange with other people.

Which game from other studios are you eagerly awaiting and would like to play through? 
Baldurs Gate 3

If you weren't working in the game industry today, what would you have done otherwise?
Did you originally have a different career goal?
I have no idea, I've been here too long and was always allowed to do what I enjoy most. Gaming!

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